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Why Amava

The go-to for starting something new.

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Our Purpose

We help you Discover Your Next® flexible, socially engaging experience. Whether you want to earn, learn, give back or live your bucket list, our team is always on the lookout for meaningful opportunities for you in your local community and beyond.

Our Mission

We want you to live a long, fulfilling life. We focus on social engagement because, according to research, it can be more important to wellness than genes, nutrition or fitness. It’s downright scary how dangerous isolation can be.

Our Method

We partner with organizations large and small to present an ever-evolving collection of ideas to keep you active and engaged; opportunities to work, volunteer, learn and experience the world – all while you connect with others. We enable you to share opportunities and offers with one another. We take your feedback seriously and respect your privacy.

Our Team

We have built and scaled successful companies, taken on career and family, and navigated most of life’s transitions. We waded through the research about healthy aging and understand the key to longevity is staying active and socially engaged. We succeed when you Discover Your Next. If you don’t find what you want or get stuck, please let us know and we’ll do our best to help.

Rebecca Bloom
Steven Dupree
Joan Lambert
Lisa Lindquist
W. Scott Lohmann
Kim Read
Mark Silverman

Our Directors

Robbie Baxter
Adam Boyden
John Laing
Arnold Silverman
Mark Silverman

Our Advisors

Sal DeTrane
Amy Yotopoulos
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