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Flexible Job
A Business that Supports the Home Team
Destination Athlete’s goal is to build better communities through athletics. Destination Athlete helps athletes,...
Unique Experience
Kayaking Adventure
There are beautiful kayaking spots all over the world. Kayaks are agile and relatively easy to maneuver, so caves,...
Flexible Job
Ski or Snowboard Instructor
Can you say free lift passes, unlimited riding and serious job satisfaction? If you’ve spent some time on the slopes,...
Volunteer Gig
Special Olympics
The Special Olympics games rely heavily on volunteers — coaches, officials, photographers, logistics helpers and more....
Unique Experience
Biking Adventure
Load up your bike, grab a map, and head down the open road. Bike touring forces you to travel slowly and take it all in...
Volunteer Gig
Youth Sports
If you’re fair-minded and knowledgeable and patient with kids (and their parents), volunteering as a referee or...
Unique Experience
Baseball Game Announcer
Nothing is more distinctive than the crack of a well-hit ball coming off the bat. If you love baseball and all of the...
Unique Experience
Circle the Great Loop
Have a few months to spare and want to do something really unique? Want to go on a long self-supported cruise but skip...
Flexible Job
Golf Attendant/Pro
Golf is a serious game. It has its own TV channel. If you’re part of the golf tribe, we don’t need to tell you about...
Unique Experience
Deep Sea Cave Diving
It’s not for everyone, as advanced scuba diving experience is required. And it’s not for the faint of heart; these...
Unique Experience
Race Car Driving
If you’re the lucky owner of a high-performance vehicle, you may be invited to go test the limits of your car at a...
Unique Experience
Play Golf in Iconic Stadiums
In cities like New York, Chicago, Houston and LA, you can get an insider’s look at some of our country’s most...
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