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Best Bucket List Ideas: For Someday...
The most popular bucket list ideas tend to involve travel, because when you get away from your day-to-day environment you...
Guest Contributor
Ask Amava: Learn Photography
I’ve decided I’d like to take a photography class. I know something about digital photography and how a camera works...
Guest Contributor
Ask Amava: What is the Gig Economy?
I see the term “gig economy” everywhere. I want to make some money when I leave my full-time job and it occurs to me...
Guest Contributor
Ask Amava: Virtual Travel
Do you have some ideas for virtual travel during this Covid-19 period? With travel restrictions in place, I’d rather...
Environmental Volunteering: At Home and Abroad
Are you interested in environmental volunteering? Earth Day is every day, and if there’s anything we all share, it’s...
Volunteer Gig
Learn to Save Lives and Pass it On
As America’s leading health-related nonprofit, the American Heart Association (“AHA”) is well-acquainted with the...
Volunteer Gig
You’re the Cure Heart Health Advocate
In these challenging times, American Heart Association (“AHA”) has taken the lead providing people with virtual...
Guest Contributor
Ask Amava: Jobs Working With Children
I’ve been thinking about what to do next in my life, and I’m concerned enough about children’s mental health and...
Guest Contributor
5 Tips for Maximizing Your Health in the Time...
We are living in strange times. It can be surreal to live in an age you know will go down in history. With several months...
Flexible Job
Contact Tracer
If you are looking for interesting, challenging and vital work, contact tracing might be something to consider. As the...
Redefining Accomplishment and What Matters
As we all grasp for meaning in disorienting times, the idea that perhaps some of our cultural assumptions about how we...
The Longest Day of the Year: A New View
Usually, when we mark our editorial calendar to write about the longest day of the year, we plan to publish it as close...
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