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What Amava is All About
Amava is working to empower a new generation of tech-enabled individuals to make successful transitions to purposeful,...
Dr. Mary Austin-Seymour
Dr. Mary Austin-Seymour: From Radiation Oncologist to Community Medicine Provider ...
Honoring Heroes
In a world of discord, one thing most agree on is that people who have served their country deserve respect and...
Volunteer Gig
Work to Help Women
There are so many ways to help: at domestic violence shelters, women’s veterans organizations and girl’s education...
Volunteer Gig
Be a Big with Big Brothers Big Sisters of...
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Cincinnati is focused on developing positive relationships between adult volunteers...
Stay Curious
Lifelong learning: you can do it at home, abroad, in the workplace, at school or online. There are so many ways to stay...
Volunteer Gig
Nonprofit Board Member
Being on a board is a lot of work but when you find the right fit it’s also immensely rewarding and a lot of fun....
Flexible Job
Grant Writer
There are so many organizations doing good deeds and competing for limited funds. If you have writing chops this could...
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