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Millie & Boo
Book Club
Today, our friends give us their thoughts on the books they want to read and discuss to help them think about ways to...
Millie & Boo
Let’s Get Physical 
Welcome back to Millie Boo! Today it’s all about getting moving. ...
Millie & Boo
Ok, Boomer
Today, our friends give us their take on a phrase that’s been going around.  ...
Millie & Boo
On the Gig Economy
Today our friends compare notes on their gigs. ...
Volunteer Gig
Online Mentor
If you’ve got some time to volunteer and you would like the flexibility to connect remotely with people on a mutually...
Millie & Boo
Dinner Party Chat
Today our friends talk about what to make for a dinner party with friends. And it’s delicious. ...
Millie & Boo
And the Oscar Goes To...
Today they talk movies and play a film themed game. It’s cinematic. ...
Millie & Boo
Sharing About Caring
Today our friends compare notes about caregiving. Spoiler; it isn’t just for Boomers anymore. ...
Millie & Boo
On Inner Voices and Such
Today, they go deep and talk about appearance v. substance and other deep-yet-amusing issues that you don’t want to...
Millie & Boo
On Money & How We Spend It
Today, our friends learn from one another about how they spend money and why. ...
Millie & Boo
On Getting Off Your Phone and Developing...
Today they take on phones and how to get off them and on to healthier things. ...
Millie & Boo
Today our friends discuss New Year’s Resolutions. And make some. Sorta. ...
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