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Flexible Job
Bars are making a comeback! It’s not all smokey rooms and fisticuffs anymore. Bar culture can be sophisticated, artsy,...
Flexible Job
Food is the soul of every event and not everyone has time (or desire or talent) to cook for each and every occasion that...
Unique Experience
If you’re a hiker anyway, have you ever thought about how much lighter your pack would be if you had the confidence...
Volunteer Gig
Meals on Wheels
Nine million seniors in America struggle with hunger and 15 million live in isolation. Become a volunteer with Meal on...
Flexible Job
Events Associate
If you have experience with logistics, customer service, marketing or project management and you’re looking for a...
Coffee, Coffee Everywhere: Coffee By the Numbers
So, what’s really going on in the world of coffee? Other than a Starbucks nearly everywhere you look? ...
Coffee Culture: What’s Brewing
Welcome back to the Amava Post. The intoxicating aroma of freshly brewed beans from some exotic place (fair trade of...
Flexible Job
Tasting Host
There are winemakers all over the country. If you’ve tried any of the tasting circuits, you know that each winemaker...
Unique Experience
Organic Farms Worldwide
WWOOF is a worldwide movement linking volunteers with organic farmers and growers to promote cultural and educational...
Flexible Job
You know you love that smell. And it’s kinda fun to see who orders what. Plus, there’s an art to making a perfect...
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