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7 Bucket List Items That Won’t Break the Bank
Does it seem like everyone is going to the Maldives to stay in a water villa on stilts? Sure, that sounds amazing, but...
Unique Experience
West Coast Wine Tasting
Having a Priority Wine Pass takes the guesswork out of wine tasting in the West. With an exclusive Amava discount,...
Flexible Job
Personal Chef
Busy families, workaholics, seniors and people who entertain a lot are just some of your potential clients if you seek...
Flexible Job
Restaurants are social hubs. People go out to eat because it’s a relaxing, social experience. Plus, good food is in!...
Flexible Job
You know what people want--they want a table. A good table. It’s the little things! Imagine if you were the one making...
Millie & Boo
Dinner Party Chat
Today our friends talk about what to make for a dinner party with friends. And it’s delicious. ...
Volunteer Gig
Cooking/Nutrition Education
Schools, community gardens, farmer’s markets and nonprofits are all concerned with changing the culture and teaching...
Flexible Job
Personal Grocery Shopper
When it comes to grocery shopping, people are becoming accustomed to having what they want come to them. If you’re an...
Unique Experience
Touring the Ibérico Ham Trail
What are you waiting for? Visit the pigs, check out the drying houses, and taste the products! You’ll learn about the...
Food, Fun & Fulfillment
If you live to eat, cook, bake or learn about food, you know how fascinating it can be. What if you could make more of...
Volunteer Gig
Feed the Hungry
If you’re lucky, nobody in your family has struggled with poverty, hunger or homelessness, but millions have. Though...
Unique Experience
Dining in the Dark
If eye appeal is half the meal, what happens if you can’t see the food you’re eating? Dark dining is based on the...
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