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Music Made Easy
This course is for those who have no musical background, those who play but do not read music or anyone who is interested...
Drawing for the Absolute Beginner
If you're looking for a way to get started, start with the fundamentals of drawing. You'll become familiar with paper...
Photoshop Elements for the Digital Photographer
Explore Adobe Photoshop Elements many features, tools and powerful technology. Master techniques for editing images,...
Photoshop Elements for the Digital...
If you've taken the first Photoshop Elements for the Digital Photographer course, or if you have a basic working...
Introduction to Interior Design
This course will guide you through how to design a room using color theory, special arrangements, floor plans and...
Introduction to Guitar
This course provides basic guitar skills with hands-on exercises, audio and video recordings and detailed instructions....
Beginner's Guide to Getting Published
This course will give you all the tools you need to get published. Learn the five most common reasons why manuscripts are...
Advanced Fiction Writing
Do you have a story idea but aren't sure how to begin? Or a manuscript, or parts of a manuscript, and looking for ways...
Photographing People With Your Digital Camera
Starting with the basic principles, this course will help you discover the best way to shoot faces, fix common close-up...
Writing for Children
If you are a beginning writer, this course will help you transform your book idea into a finished product. If you are an...
Write and Publish Your Nonfiction Book
Learn to immerse yourself in your subject and get the information you need from research, interviews and observation...
The Craft of Magazine Writing
This class will teach you how to get your work published and turn your writing skills into an easy source of extra...
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