Flexibility: High 

Social Engagement: High

What’s What: Millions of refugees & people in need of humanitarian assistance struggle with language barriers. Help give them on-demand language access. 

Amava Take: Tarjimly means “translate for me” and was founded in 2017 in response to the Syrian refugee crisis. Their mission is to improve the lives of refugees and the efficiency of humanitarian services by eliminating language barriers. The Tarjimly mobile app allows the world’s 3 billion multilingual speakers to remotely volunteer their language skills as translators and interpreters for the 65 million displaced people. Today, it is the most accessible translator service in the world.

Question and Answers:

How does the Tarjimly app work?

When a refugee, asylum seeker, or humanitarian worker requests a translator for a particular language, Tarjimly’s machine learning matching algorithm selects the best volunteer available in their community. This person is then connected in a live chat with the person in need, where they can send text, documents, and start a phone call.

How often can I expect to get contacted?

The frequency of requests will depend upon which languages you speak and the demand in a particular week. The more frequently you try to respond when contacted, the more likely you’ll be contacted in the future.

Who are common beneficiaries?

  • Refugees, asylees, and evacuees
  • Aid workers / Humanitarian Workers / Service Providers
  • Internally displaced persons
  • Immigrant communities
  • Limited-English Proficiency (LEP) patients

What are common scenarios?

  • Conversations with medics, lawyers, case workers, teachers
  • Registrations for school or work, or government forms
  • Document translation

What are some common exchanges?

  • Conversation interpreting through phone calls or audio files
  • Simple text translations
  • More complex document or picture translations

How long do conversations last?

A conversation can last for as long as a translator is willing to help. Tarjimly reaches out to translators with an expectation of 15 minutes, but have found translators might stay well past 60 minutes if they are truly helping someone in need.

Who can sign up to be a translator?

Anyone who speaks a second language can sign up to be a translator. Our community of translators comes from all backgrounds and proficiency levels. We also love people who have certifications and degrees in specific languages.

What level of proficiency is required for a second language?

Tarjimly welcomes and needs Translators of all proficiency levels. You will be amazed at how helpful you can be when you speak a rarer language, even at a lower proficiency, because there is such a huge demand. Tarjimly will figure out where and when you can best help. They categorize translators using your specified proficiencies, skills from your profile, previous conversation ratings, previous response time, and Tarjimly Certifications to best match you to a translation opportunity.

What languages do Tarjimly translators speak?

Tarjimly translators speak 103 languages with the most popular 16 languages (plus dialect variations) including English, Arabic, Persian, Pashto, Urdu, Spanish, French, Greek, Italian, Bengali, Turkish, Somali, German, Portuguese, Kurdish and Burmese.

Special Requirements: If you speak a second language and have a smartphone, you can help.

Setting it up: Here are special instructions for Amava Members about how to get started.