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Flexibility: High

Social Engagement: Medium

What’s What: Remember when you were first diagnosed with a cardiovascular challenge? Those late-night worries, the “I know I shouldn’t, but I’m going to Google this anyway” moments, the feelings of being alone and lost? Survivors and caregivers feeling this way come every day to the American Heart Association’s Support Network, looking for hope and connections. Volunteers keep this site full of real talk, positive energy and helpful advice for those who are struggling.

Amava Take: Support Network bloggers share their insights and experience on topics ranging from the very practical (what you need to know about dentist visits after you’ve had valve replacement) to the emotional (what I wish I’d known back then). The American Heart Association would welcome anyone who is a survivor of a heart attack or stroke – or a caregiver to someone who has had a heart attack or stroke – to join the Support Network blogging community.

From the Front Lines: 

What kinds of candidates is AHA looking for to fill these positions? 

People who have had heart disease, suffered strokes or been caregivers. American Heart Association is currently looking for 25 Support Network Bloggers.

What do you do when you join the Support Network?

When you join the Support Network you:

-Share your story with others

-Comment on other’s stories and give feedback

-Get answers to your questions from healthcare professionals

-Speak to others on your own forum

-Learn about regaining independence

Does AHA  edit posts?

While AHA offers editing support, it’s important that your voice and experience are preserved. 

What’s the preferred cadence for posts?

Submit posts as often as you’d like although AHA does ask that you commit to at least one blog post per month.

From the Trenches:  

What’s the most satisfying part of the job/experience?

Helping others who have had similar experiences, offering encouragement and knowledge.

How would you describe the hard parts?

Heart disease, stroke and caregiving are stressful for everyone.

What surprised you the most about the experience?

How much sharing experiences with someone going through similar ones really helps.

What else can I do?

Participate in the AHA’s Show Us Your Good program. Trust us, it’s a heart warmer.

Special Requirements: Work is virtual and hours are flexible, but AHA asks that you commit to at least one blog post per month.

Finding a Position: If you’re interested in blogging for AHA,  reach out to us at editor@amava. We’ll help you get connected.