Flexibility: High

Social Engagement: Medium

What’s What: We are proud to ally with Learning Ally. Their mission? To ensure that all students have equal opportunities to learn.

Amava Take: With an extensive library of high quality, human-read audiobooks, student-centric features and a suite of teacher resources, Learning Ally provides equitable access to curriculum in a format struggling readers can easily absorb, allowing them to achieve their academic potential. Spanning from popular fiction to literature, from audio book classics to audio books for history and other textbooks, Learning Ally offers titles built with the help of their nation-wide network of remote volunteers and professionals with subject matter expertise in areas such as science, technology, engineering and math. Learning Ally’s digital audio books are both effective and essential. Here’s what they need today: African-American voice-over artists and experienced narrators who can authentically voice African-American stories and narrators who are fluent in Spanish and English who can read Spanish language textbooks.

Questions and Answers:

What if I want to volunteer in the future for Learning Ally but I am not in one of their active recruiting categories now?

You can sign up now and volunteer later. Here’s a video to learn more about Learning Ally.

How will Learning Ally know I’m an Amava Member?

Choose Amava in the pull-down on the form that asks “How did you hear about Learning Ally?”

Requirements: Depending on your interests and qualifications, Learning Ally will let you know what you need to get the job done.

Setting it Up: Here’s the Authentic Voices Form (African American Voices or Professional Audiobook Narrators), the Spanish Speakers Form and the general Volunteer Interest Form (Learning Ally will reach out to those as soon as they have new projects available for other types of voices).