Flexibility: High 

What’s What: More than 350,000 out-of-hospital cardiac arrests occur in the US each year. About 90 percent of the time, patients die. CPR, especially when performed immediately, can double or triple the chance of survival–and did you know it can be done Hands-Only? Learn it online and pass on the opportunity.

Amava Take: As America’s leading health-related nonprofit, the American Heart Association (“AHA”) is well-acquainted with the research: meaningful activities mean happier, healthier lives. In these challenging times, AHA has taken the lead, providing people with virtual volunteerism opportunities like their Learn to Save Lives program. In as little as two minutes, volunteers can stream video and learn updated techniques for administering Hands-Only CPR to help save a life. Then, by simply sharing the video and other materials with their networks, volunteers can help AHA increase the rate of everyday citizens who know CPR. 

Question and Answers:

When people have cardiac arrest away from the hospital, what percentage of them receive CPR?

Only 46% of all people experiencing a cardiac arrest will have this life-saving skill performed. Unless we all work together to increase the number of people who know CPR.

What other materials does AHA provide?

Additional information about how to perform Hands-Only CPR during Covid-19, printable and downloadable resources for forwarding, email template, social media assets and more. 

AHA has teamed up with the Anthem Foundation to teach Americans how to perform Hands-Only CPR and put together a ‘Don’t Drop the Beat’ playlist with songs that are between 100 and120 beats per minute, the same rate for proper CPR compressions.

How should I get the word out?

Email, post, tweet, text, forward. Repeat!

What else can I do?

Participate in the AHA’s Show Us Your Good program. Trust us, it’s a heart warmer.

Special Requirements: A computer, internet, the desire to learn CPR and encourage others to do so. 

Setting it up: Everything you need to get started is right here.