Flexibility: High 

Social Engagement: High

What’s What: Join the experts in disaster preparedness and serve your community on a Disaster Action Team.

Amava Take: In this time of COVID-19, the American Red Cross of Connecticut and Rhode Island is standing firm, continuing to provide disaster relief services. That includes recruiting volunteers for their Disaster Action team. 

Question and Answers:

What is the role of volunteers at the American Red Cross of Connecticut and Rhode Island?

The American Red Cross of Connecticut and Rhode Island is a volunteer driven organization. Over 90% of their programs are carried out by volunteers, including many aspects of the disaster response that they are known for.  

What does the Disaster Action Team do?

DAT teams provide 24-hour emergency response to local disasters, particularly house fires, ensuring that those affected have access to resources for necessities such as food, shelter and toiletries. A DAT volunteer:

  • Works as part of an assigned team to respond to local disasters within two hours.
  • Works with on-scene lead to assess whether additional resources/support are required and communicates those needs to DAT Leadership.
  • Attends regularly scheduled team/DAT meetings as required by Chapter/Region.
  • Commits to being available during assigned shifts and communicates scheduling conflicts with DAT Leadership.
  • Must be willing to take on some in person activities
  • Must do a minimum of 3 on call shifts per month. Each shift is 6 hrs.

Special Requirements: All necessary training and information will be provided by the American Red Cross.

Setting it up: Help keep your community ready!