Message from Amava: We’re standing by our Members, our mission and our Partners at this difficult time. Here are some ideas to stay socially engaged and give back during these unprecedented times.


Flexibility: High

Social Engagement: High

What’s What: ​If you’re thinking of moving and downsizing, there’s a new option out there: you can join a new community and give back in exchange for highly subsidized rent. Your chance to make a difference with TI Communities awaits! 

Amava Take: TI Communities preserves rental affordability and provides access to meaningful enrichment programs for over 16,000 families and individuals across the United States. Their communities are currently in Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas, Prince George’s County (MD), San Antonio, and Seattle and they are continuing to expand. TI Communities offers onsite enrichment programs provided at no cost to the residents. That’s where you come in. People are needed to live in the apartment communities and lead programs and events based on their professional expertise. If you’d like to act as a leader and liaison where you live, connect with intergenerational residents, listen to their interests and needs and design successful programs, this could be the opportunity you have been looking for. In exchange for your  time and commitment to your new apartment community, you will receive deeply discounted rent and access to support and resources. Email with Turner Impact in the subject line to learn more.

From the Front Lines:

What Resident Professional roles are TI Communities trying to fill?

Resident Educators- Trained, active and retired teachers who can share their love of learning with a diverse group of students! Education programs typically include after-school homework help for K-12 residents, seminars for adults on things like budgeting, voter registration, or computer literacy, and ESL classes for English language learners. 

Resident Health Coordinators- Certified healthcare professionals who are skilled in patient education and partnership development! Health Coordinators often plan and implement a blend of programs built around their own expertise and programs that involve an outside party or group. 

Resident Enrichment Ambassadors- People-loving go-getters who have experience in event-planning, marketing, and team development. Enrichment Ambassadors lead fun community building events and assist with the marketing and administration of the rest of the team’s programs. 

What kind of hours are available? What’s a typical daily schedule like?

In order to accommodate residents’ work and school schedules, Enrichment Programs are typically offered during the after school hours and evenings on weekdays and during the day on weekends. Programs are scheduled around Resident Professional commitments as long as the number one priority of meeting resident interests and needs is always kept at the forefront.

While different arrangements are available, most often Resident Professionals commit to providing 25 hours of service per month in exchange for a 50% rental subsidy. These service hours include everything related to the planning and delivery of programs, including marketing, meeting, and data entry.

Where are TI Communities apartment homes located?

TI Communities manages nearly 9,000 units across the country and is rapidly expanding. Their communities are currently in Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas, Prince George’s County (MD), San Antonio, and Seattle and they are continuing to expand.

Is there required training?

TI Communities provides on boarding resources and best practices for successful ways to structure and implement onsite events. All resources will be provided during on boarding and over the early weeks of the role.                                                      

From the Trenches:  

What are the earnings/benefits/perks?

Deeply subsidized rent, ability to give back around your existing responsibilities, enhanced your leadership skills, integration into a well-rounded onsite team, connection with a network of like individuals all over the country, and ongoing support from a committed corporate team.

What is it like to give back where you live?

It’s extremely rewarding (and convenient!) to give back to where you live. Providing flexible hours and delivering a variety of events to hundreds of different residents really helps you connect and engage with your neighbors in a way you wouldn’t be able to otherwise.  

What’s the most satisfying part of the job?

Having the opportunity to help build a strong community while enriching people’s lives; making a meaningful positive impact and difference!

Special Requirements: Ability and interest to move into a TI Community. Ability to pass a background check and complete a W9. Excellent customer service and commitment to impact. Other requirements vary by Resident Professional role. Please see the role descriptions above. 

Setting it Up: Please send your name, resume, and location to with Turner Impact in the subject line.