Flexibility: High 

Social Engagement: Low

What’s What: Your help is needed. Many areas of our country are confronted with a homelessness crisis and the suffering is exacerbated by the grip of Covid-19. LifeMoves is a leading homelessness organization in the San Francisco Bay Area with urgent needs that volunteers can help with remotely. From sewing and sending in masks to organizing and sending in supplies, there’s something you can do from wherever you are. 

Amava Take: LifeMoves model of helping people is personalized to holistically serve the broad needs of their diverse client population – Veterans, families, single adults, the LGBTQ+ community, aging seniors, and more. In a typical year, LifeMoves harnesses the power of over 12,400 volunteers to help homeless families and individuals. But this is far from a typical year. The homeless population that LifeMoves serves is facing unique and serious risks associated with Covid-19. LifeMoves is working 24/7 to support their clients, staff and community in their 23 shelters. The needs are great. But so are you. 

Question and Answers:

Is there a mask template to follow?

Here’s a video that shows you how to do it. There are others out there as well.

Are there other virtual opportunities to help LiveMoves?

Yes. Boredom Busters (art and activity supplies for adults and children in shelters–ideas include coloring books, puzzles and activity kits) and Care Kits (bags filled with soaps, shampoos, conditioner, nail polish and remover, scrunchies, washcloths or loofahs, shaving cream, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and dental floss) are needed–you can ship them in too. You can also connect with local homeless organizations in your community and do the same or help them organize these kinds of efforts. 

Can any of these items be bought in bulk if I do not happen to have them to donate?

Yes, you can do that and ship them directly or assemble and ship them.

Special Requirements: For sewing you need a machine and the supplies. If you live near a JoAnn Fabrics, reach out for free materials (for up to five masks), discounts and curbside pickup. To help with Boredom Busters and Care Kits, you just need time, supplies and some compassion.

Setting it up: Sew. Organize. Assemble. Help. Send masks or supplies to: 


181 Constitution Drive

Menlo Park, CA 94025

Send photos and descriptions of what you are doing to help homeless people through LifeMoves or in your community to editor@amava.com