Flexibility: High 

What’s What: Being a mentor is about communicating in a meaningful way. It’s about being yourself and sharing your experience and your perspective on life. Meet MENTOR Rhode Island.

Amava Take: Since 1999, MENTOR Rhode Island has served as the statewide expert in mentoring. MENTOR Rhode Island envisions a Rhode Island where all youth are connected to relationships with adults who inspire and support them, providing a road map for lifelong success and achievement. Their mission is to ensure that youth have access to the motivational and supportive relationships they need to grow into confident, successful adults. That’s where you come in. Learn about the power of mentoring and start role modeling!

Question and Answers:

What does MENTOR Rhode Island do?

MENTOR Rhode Island coordinates school-based mentoring programs in  Providence, Warwick, Woonsocket, Cranston, Pawtucket and Newport/Middletown serving nearly 400 students! MENTOR Rhode Island also supports a statewide network of 57 mentoring programs serving 32 Rhode Island cities and towns. 

Is there any training available?

You bet there is. MENTOR Rhode Island operates The Feinstein Mentor Training Institute, which offers high-quality training for mentors and mentor program coordinators.

Does MENTOR Rhode Island provide guidance and guidelines about Covid-19?

Yes, indeed. In these complex times, MENTOR Rhode Island is on the forefront of innovating to adjust to new realities and keep essential programs going safely. For the school-based mentoring programs that MENTOR Rhode Island coordinates directly, they work with school districts to determine the best way to get mentors and mentees connected during this time of social distancing. They are also working to ensure that once face-to-face meetings can resume mentoring pairs are prepared to deal with any issues that have developed during their time apart. 

Special Requirements: Generally, most school-based mentoring requires one hour a week of commitment. Non-school based commitments can vary. 

Setting it up:  Start making a difference!