Flexibility: High 

Social Engagement: Medium

What’s What: The American Heart Association (“AHA”) wants to amplify their social media content authentically and with a variety of audiences. Do you have the time to help?

Amava Take: The AHA needs volunteers who are active on social media to share important information and inspire others to engage with their mission. Does this sound like you?

As America’s leading health-related nonprofit, the American Heart Association is well-acquainted with the research: meaningful activities mean happier, healthier lives. In these challenging times, AHA has taken the lead, providing people with virtual volunteerism opportunities like becoming a Heart Healthy Influencer on Social Media. By joining AHA’s social media efforts, you can help them engage with more people and ultimately save more lives! 

See, AHA is keeping you and your friends and family healthier already!

Question and Answers:

What is involved?

You are powerful – sharing content through your personal network can influence friends, family and even strangers to make healthier decisions. You can help AHA by following their accounts, engaging with their content or taking part in social media challenges.

 What else can I do?

Participate in the AHA’s Show Us Your Good program. Trust us, it’s a heart warmer.

Special Requirements: An active presence on social media or the desire to create one.

Setting it up: Fill out the AHA volunteer form and check “social media ambassador.”