Flexibility: High

Social Engagement: Medium

What’s What: Imagine working from virtually anywhere in the world using the skills you already have! You actually can if you have an entrepreneurial spirit and are comfortable juggling multiple roles remotely. Business owners large and small outsource all kinds of work to virtual assistants so they can focus on the most important thing in any business: growth.

Amava Take: Administrative support, customer service, social media, email marketing. If it’s a task that can be done online, chances are somebody somewhere is delegating it to a virtual assistant. The best aspect of this job—aside from working in your slippers—is you can offer the skills you enjoy the most and pick your clients.

From the Front Lines:

What kinds of candidates are you looking for to fill these positions?

Reliable, accessible, self-starters who can fully own projects and tasks without constant oversight or management.

Any tips for first-timers to make it a productive and fulfilling experience?

It’s a good idea to have a simple contract for each of your clients that sets and confirms duties and expectations.

What’s a typical daily schedule like?

Every job is different and the tasks change daily. Hours are usually a typical business day but there is room for flexibility.

From the Trenches:  

What’s the most satisfying part of the job/experience?

The learning process never stops and there is constant variety.

How would you describe the hard parts?

Communication in an all-virtual setting has its challenges. You’ll never accidentally see your boss or co-worker in the cafeteria or on the elevator.   

What surprised you the most about the experience?

There really is an app for everything!

Special Requirements: None. There are online courses on every subject and software if you want to brush up on a skill.

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Finding a Position: The International Virtual Assistants Association has conferences and networking opportunities. The Naked VA goes over the pitfalls and best practices of running a virtual business. The Global Alliance of Virtual Assistants works to connect virtual assistants and clients globally. Traditional job boards also list positions for virtual assistants.