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Unique Experience
Dining in the Dark
If eye appeal is half the meal, what happens if you can’t see the food you’re eating? Dark dining is based on the...
Unique Experience
Walk the Camino de Santiago
Interested in an opportunity to experience the local culture, history, spirituality and community in France, Spain and...
Unique Experience
Worldwide House Sitting
Interested in opportunities to experience culture, history, and community all over the world? House sitting is an...
Unique Experience
Deep Sea Cave Diving
It’s not for everyone, as advanced scuba diving experience is required. And it’s not for the faint of heart; these...
Unique Experience
If you’re a hiker anyway, have you ever thought about how much lighter your pack would be if you had the confidence...
Unique Experience
Work on an Archaeology Dig
Always wished you had taken an archaeology class in college? Are you drawn to artifacts from ancient cultures when you...
Unique Experience
Lighthouse Keeper
 If you’ve always wanted to live on the water but never had the chance, you might want to try out being a volunteer...
Unique Experience
Race Car Driving
If you’re the lucky owner of a high-performance vehicle, you may be invited to go test the limits of your car at a...
Unique Experience
Test Drive a Tiny House
There is a lot to love about these miniature homes, from the cutesy details and storage features to the low cost and...
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