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Unique Experience
Frolic with Giraffes
Giraffes are vulnerable to extinction and two subspecies, the Rothschild's giraffe and the West African giraffe, are...
Unique Experience
Bees and a select few other insects pollinate over 80% of the crops grown for human consumption, livestock feed, cotton...
Unique Experience
Biking Adventure
Load up your bike, grab a map, and head down the open road. Bike touring forces you to travel slowly and take it all in...
Unique Experience
Home Swapping
Exchanging homes with people who want to visit where you live while you visit a home elsewhere isn’t a new idea, but...
Unique Experience
Cruise with Your Favorite Band
It doesn’t get much better than hanging with the band on vacation. Imagine a concert-filled, sun-splashed cruise with...
Unique Experience
Collaborative Art Making
The idea that only famous artists should share their talents has been upended. Local art fairs, shows for emerging...
Unique Experience
Baseball Game Announcer
Nothing is more distinctive than the crack of a well-hit ball coming off the bat. If you love baseball and all of the...
Unique Experience
Touring the Ibérico Ham Trail
What are you waiting for? Visit the pigs, check out the drying houses, and taste the products! You’ll learn about the...
Unique Experience
Circle the Great Loop
Have a few months to spare and want to do something really unique? Want to go on a long self-supported cruise but skip...
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