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What’s What: If you want to go on a boundless journey, think about Bhutan, with Boundless Journeys. Lonely Planet just recently listed Bhutan as the #1 country to visit on its Best in Travel for 2020. Bhutan is best known for being the first country to measure Gross National Happiness, a concept that has spread around the world. If you’re interested in seeing and feeling it for yourself, read on.

Amava Take: Boundless Journeys is an award-winning travel company with particular expertise in guiding people through beautiful, unspoiled Bhutan. Long isolated from the world, tourism in Bhutan has been allowed for less than 40 years and the country has embraced development with sensitivity towards preserving its pristine environment and unique culture. Set in peaceful seclusion amidst the mighty Himalayas, this kingdom’s dramatic scenery, from snow-capped peaks to its verdant rice paddies and crystalline streams, leave those lucky enough to visit in awe. 

Hidden Kingdom in the Himalayas takes you to the capital city, Thimphu, the only capital in the world without traffic lights. You’ll have walks in Punakha that reveal impressive dzongs (we had to look it up, it’s a distinctive type of fortress architecture found mainly in Bhutan and Tibet), while Paro’s location along ancient trade routes showcases a rich culture, encapsulated by unique monasteries, such as the striking Tiger’s Nest. This 8 day trip is long enough to be life-changing.

Hiking in the Peaceful Kingdom will give you a longer experience, 12 days. This tour, named one of National Geographic Traveler’s “50 Tours of a Lifetime,” features hikes to remote gold-roofed temples and monasteries and through peaceful villages in emerald valleys surrounded by spectacular Himalayan scenery. You’ll learn about cultural practices, enjoy local culinary delicacies, and take part in an evening of traditional song and dance.

From the Front Lines:

 What kinds of people tend to enjoy Boundless Journey trips?

Active, open-minded adventurers. 

Any tips for first-timers to make it a productive and fulfilling experience?

Keep your eyes and ears open. You’ll learn so much. 

What’s a typical daily schedule like? 

Hiking, walking, eating, communing, listening and learning. Sound good?

From the Trenches:  

What interests you most about this program?

I’m fascinated by Bhutan. What an unspoiled place. They call it “Tibet before the Chinese invasion or Nepal without all the backpackers.” 

Any ways to save some money?

Yes! There’s a $250 New Amava Member Savings. Get it!

What’s the experience you’re most excited about?

Meeting Bhutanese people!

Special Requirements: For international trips you need a passport that is valid for at least six months after your return date. If you’re outside the US, check in with Boundless Journeys for details. 

Setting it Up: Boundless Journeys has people ready to answer your questions and get you all set up.