Flexibility: High

Social Engagement: High

What’s What: What do you need to learn to get yourself set up for success as you Discover Your Next? GetSetup has you covered with effective, virtual one-on-one guides to keep you tech-enabled and getting at your goals.

Amava Take: GetSetup has a unique way to help you stay up-to-speed with whatever you’re working on. GetSetup Guides work one-on-one with people to increase their access to the benefits of tech tools in education, finance, health and small business development. Whether you’re looking to make your small business more productive, stay engaged and learning or something else, GetSetup can get you started and help keep you moving.

From the Front Lines:

How does GetSetup work?

You’ll work with a one-on-one guide to learn what you need to know. Questions can be tailored to exactly what you need. GetSetup is not focused on scripts and dense FAQs. Guides are experienced educators and people with training backgrounds who can effectively guide you and listen reactively. 

What are some things I can learn on GetSetup?

Things like Zoom, Gmail, Facebook/FaceTime, LinkedIn, Shopify, Squarespace, QuickBooks, Etsy and more. 

Does it work?

Yes! The human connection of one-on-one learning gets customers the confidence and competence they need to succeed.

From the Trenches:  

Who are the guides?

People experienced in education and training. They are also trained by GetSetup on the tools that they help you with. GetSetup has done the research and found that people with these backgrounds have the skill sets to communicate complex concepts in understandable, approachable ways. 

How flexible is the scheduling?

Extremely flexible. GetSetup can arrange for sessions when they work for you.

Any ways Amava Members can save? 


First, you can do a free LinkedIn group session where you learn things like: Why LinkedIn is more than just an online resume, how to market yourself and write a personal tagline, put your elevator pitch to work, point out your skills, explain your experience, distinguish yourself from the crowd, improve your Google Page Rank and build your connections.

Amava Members also get 30% off all GetSetup sessions including one-on-on LinkedIn sessions if you want to go deeper. Use the code AMAVA.

Special Requirements: High-speed internet and a willingness to use Zoom (or learn to use it, GetSetup can help).

Setting it Up:  Get set up with GetSetup.