Flexibility: High 

Social Engagement: High

What’s What: Planning ahead to contribute to the world? Check out Integrated Learning Experiences (“INLEX”), which provides rewarding and affordable volunteering opportunities in Latin America.

Amava Take: INLEX was founded by former Peace Corps staff in Guatemala in 2005 who wanted to provide flexible programs for volunteers in Central America. This flexibility allows participants the option to commit for as long as they want in the area they are best suited to support, creating a positive impact and a rewarding experience. Working in Costa Rica, Guatemala and Peru only, INLEX knows the communities and the people. 

From the Front Lines:

What makes INLEX unique?

INLEX is not run by a corporation. They are in the destinations that they send people to, and their in-country knowledge is key to delivering participants to projects that need it the most. INLEX uses local staff and creates local employment in Guatemala, Costa Rica and Peru.

How does INLEX ensue volunteer safety?

INLEX evaluates participants, projects, host families and uses only trusted providers for their programs. Using local staff’s knowledge and criteria INLEX is able to establish a safe network of programs within each country.

How are volunteers matched to projects?

Projects are carefully matched to the participant’s skills. The projects and local companies work with volunteers who will be useful to their goals and participants get a useful and rewarding experience. 

From the Trenches:  

What kinds of volunteer projects can I do through INLEX?

English teaching, medical and health volunteering, women’s empowerment, wildlife or marine conservation and many more.

What does this cost?

Affordable rates vary by country and the number of weeks (under $700 for two weeks and under $2000 for 8 weeks in all countries). Airfare is not included and there is a $200 registration fee which will be credit towards the total cost of the program. Here’s what is included: Accommodation with a host family in a private room with two meals per day, participation in cultural activities, on-call support, coordination with the host country organization of volunteer service, orientation for volunteer work, welcome at airport with transport and certificate of program completion.

Any way for Amava Members to save?

Yes, Amava Members get a 5% discount.  Use the discount code AMAVA on this form.

Special Requirements: Visa and passport requirements vary by country and length of stay. INLEX matches volunteers with the right project where they will use their skills and contribute the most to the community they are in, so there are no special skills or degrees required. 

Setting it Up: Visit INLEX and find the volunteer program that’s right for your future plans. Use this form to sign up with the discount code AMAVA.