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What’s What: Social distancing is not only hard on kids, it’s hard on parents, grandparents and caregivers too—especially since we can’t draw on our larger village for in-person support right now.  Amava Partner Tinkergarten wants to help, so they’ve come up with a new program, Tinkergarten at Home, that brings their proven experience-based learning into homes.

Amava Take: Tinkergarten at Home is providing free educational activities, advice, and virtual community so that families can continue to thrive during this challenging time. Spending time outdoors is good for kids (and for all of us!) and letting them be active is one of the best things we can do for their bodies and minds during this difficult time. Tinkergarten At Home brings Tinkergarten’s proven method of learning directly to parents, grandparents and caregivers. Each week, they’re providing parents with DIY activities that are simple, wildly fun for kids and designed for learning for at any age.

Questions and Answers: 

What does Tinkergarten do?

Tinkergarten is on a mission to ensure that the next generation of children can lead happy and healthy lives and take stewardship of the planet. Their growing network of leaders (educators) bring local families together for expertly-designed, outdoor classes where kids learn through play. Kids from 6 months all the way through 8 years old can enjoy these fun, engaging experiences in the great wide open. Since group programs are currently on hold, they are finding new ways to share the learning.

What do Tinkergarten at Home materials include?

-Helpful tips to manage this time of social distancing and family togetherness.

– Tinkergarten @Home DIY activities (a main activity and then a series of age-based extension activities to inspire independent play using materials you already have on hand).

-A 24/7 community of leaders, staff and families sharing photos, stories and ideas in the Tinkergarten #OutdoorsAll4 Facebook Group

 –An Invitation to Virtual Tinkergarten on Tuesdays at 11:30AM ET for a LIVE version of Tinkergarten. 

Do I have to pay for the materials? 

Nope. Tinkergarten is excited for you to share Tinkergarten At Home with parents and caregivers in your community, and with the broader world.

How often will the materials be sent?

They will be delivered to your inbox every Sunday.

Are activities designed to be outside only?

With proper social distancing, outside is probably the healthiest place to be. But, all activities  can be done inside if that works better. 

Setting it Up: If you’re interested in learning more sign up for Tinkergarten at Home–all it takes is an email and your zip code, it’s super-quick. If you know someone who can use this, sign them up or pass this on using the social share buttons at the top (tag your people).