Flexibility: High

Social Engagement: High

What’s What: ​If you’re thinking of moving and downsizing, there’s an option you may not know about: TI Communities.

Amava Take: Has downsizing crossed your mind? If you’re ready to make a move, TI Communities preserves rental affordability and provide access to meaningful enrichment programs for over 16,000 families and individuals across the United States. TI Communities has uniquely designed onsite enrichment programs provided at no cost to residents. If you’re looking for a new living community TI Communities could be the start of a new way of living and learning.

From the Front Lines:

Where are TI Communities located?

Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas, Prince George’s County (MD), San Antonio and Seattle and they are continuing to expand.

What distinguishes a TI Community from other living communities?

TI Communities are backed by social impact investors with the goal of creating sustainable, thriving and affordable communities. It’s not just property management, it’s property management with a purpose. 

What are the free enrichment programs about?

Enrichment programs, led by Resident Professionals center around education, health and wellness, safety and security, community building and green initiatives. If you’re interested in serving as a Resident Professional, you may qualify for significantly subsidized rent. 

From the Trenches:

Who lives in TI Communities apartment homes?

Working families, individuals, seniors and everyone in between! TI Communities seeks. to create a sense of community and bondedness among their residents. Generally, folks who live there are seeking that too!

What are the amenities like in the communities?

Amenities vary by property, but you can look at their individual websites for more information.

Do I have to participate in enrichment activities to take advantage of the affordable rent?

No, affordable rent is accessible to all prospective residents. Enrichment Programs offer a convenient and meaningful way to address your interests and needs and are designed with resident feedback in mind, bu there is no obligation to participate. TI Communities hopes to co-create the best programs for you, with you.

Special Requirements: Applications are simple and TI Communities has an experienced staff to help. 

Setting it Up: Check out their properties and see if one looks like home to you.