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What’s What: Have you always wanted to teach English to someone who really wants to learn the language? To teach English as a Foreign Language in a non-native English speaking country (or online to a non-native speaker), a TEFL Certification is typically required. If you’re interested, getting certified is the first step. Pro tip: Get your training with an organization that provides comprehensive job search guidance!

Amava Take: International TEFL Academy is one of the world’s largest and award-winning TEFL certification schools to become professionally trained as an English teacher. ITA trains more than 6,000 English teachers annually and offers internationally accredited TEFL-TESOL certification courses online and in 25 locations around the world. All students and graduates receive lifetime job search guidance and graduates are currently employed as teachers online & in more than 80 nations in Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. Plus, Amava Members can save $50 on tuition

From the Front Lines:

What are TEFL & TEFL Certification for Teaching English Abroad?

“TEFL” is the acronym for Teaching English as a Foreign Language, or simply, English language instruction for non-native speakers. Also known as Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), English Language Teaching (ELT), and teaching ESL (English as a Second Language). The field of TEFL/TESOL represents one of the fastest growing educational fields in the world. The field presents thousands of excellent professional opportunities for teaching English abroad in all corners of the globe to native and fluent English speakers who earn their TEFL/TESOL certification.

Does International TEFL Academy help me find teaching jobs after I complete the training?

Yes! They are leaders in the field, so their relationships with entities that are looking for people like you are very well-established.

Can I use my certification to teach online as well as abroad?

Yes, you can. The folks at International TEFL Academy can help you with that too.

From the Trenches:  

Would you recommend International TEFL Academy?

Categorically! This school teaches you everything, from how to teach a particular demographic to lesson plan ideas. I think the job search guidance alone makes this program light years ahead of other ones I researched. The instructors are very experienced and knowledgeable. I left the corporate world after 15 years to pursue this adventure and I feel more confident than ever that the decision was the right one.

Any ways to save money on the training?

Amava Members get a $50 coupon.

What’s the best part of being part of the International TEFL Academy community?

I feel like I’ve made a new family here and I hope others will do what I did, take the plunge, and study here.

Special Requirements: You don’t need a degree in education, prior teaching experience, or even a college degree to get paid to teach English abroad. Private language schools abroad, online teaching companies and government programs that recruit native English speakers to teach abroad all seek to hire people who have received professional-level TEFL certification. 

Setting it Up: Head on over to International TEFL Academy. They’ve got Amava Members covered.