Flexibility: High 

Social Engagement: High

What’s What: Schools need substitute teachers. In fact, there are shortages in many school districts across the country. If you enjoy working with students, want to work in your community or have a subject in particular that you are fascinated by, substitute teaching could be a great fit for you. It’s a flexible source of income and a way to meet new colleagues, kids and families.

Amava Take: Swing Education makes substitute teaching easy. Instead of registering with every district and school system you may be interested in, with one application, you can access a wide range of teaching opportunities, at public, charter, and private schools quickly and efficiently. With their text-based notification system or online platform, you can work as much or as little as you want — there’s no minimum commitment required. The steps are simple: register for a Swing account, complete background screening and submit documents, begin receiving requests, choose when and where you work, and get paid on a weekly basis.

From the Front Lines:

How does Swing Education work?

Swing identifies, vets, and builds a pool of qualified substitute teachers. Then, they connect them with opportunities via an easy-to-use, web-based platform.

Do subs need any special certification?

It depends on the region and the school. Many schools do submit requests for non-certificated subs. However, having a credential or permit significantly increases your opportunities and options. If you live in California, Swing offers a range of resources to help people obtain permits if needed. In all regions, Swing provides reimbursement for most background and safety expenses

How’s the pay? Does Swing take a percentage?

The pay is whatever the published rates are. Subs do not pay Swing to place them. They work with the school systems and districts to source candidates.

From the Trenches:  

What do you like about working with Swing Education?

They saved me so much time. I can easily connect with so many opportunities just by working with them. They have teaching resources, networking events and access to a supportive community of other substitute teachers. 

Any incentives to work through them?

Swing pays me weekly. They paid for my background check and TB test. I get access to a  wide swath of schools and districts instead of having to do paperwork for each one. Also, if you refer a friend, when your friend teaches with Swing for the first time, they’ll get a $100 bonus and so will you.

Can I filter the search to suit my preferences?

Yes! If you only want to teach math to 8th graders you can set it up that way!

Special Requirements: Varies by state.

Setting it Up: To start the process for the state you want to work in, follow the right link below: 

Northern California

Southern California



Washington, D.C.

New Jersey

New York