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Flexibility: Medium

Social Engagement: High

What’s What:  Are you a performer, speaker, DJ or party pro? Looking for a trusted and easy way to find gigs? 

Amava Take: GigSalad is a matchmaker for entertainers/service providers and those who book them. They are the leading marketplace for booking entertainment and services for events across the U.S. and Canada. GigSalad is subscription based, so you pay a membership fee, but they aren’t an agency, so there are no agency charges (you can choose between a Pro or Featured Membership, which gets you even more exposure on their site). The number of gig opportunities you receive will vary depending upon your category, location, membership level, reviews, and number of bookings. Generally speaking, if you are an actively-booking member in good standing you will receive more gig opportunities than if you are not.

From the Front Lines:

Does GigSalad charge for leads? Is GigSalad an agency?

Nope, there are no charges for leads. Their subscription model allows our members to receive unlimited leads for one prepaid fee. GigSalad is not an agency in the traditional sense. GigSalad is a do-it-yourself platform, where members have the ability to manage their own profiles, leads, and bookings. Upon booking, a nominal fee of 2.5% is charged to vendors with paid memberships.

What types of events are booked on GigSalad?

Weddings, corporate events, parties, festivals, TV shows, commercials, movies, and more.

Which kinds of events are booked most often?

Children’s Parties, Bands/Music, Entertainers and Services each get about 25% of the bookings.

From the Trenches:  

How does GigSalad work?

GigSalad is a full-service booking platform that allows you to accept leads, send quotes, message back-and-forth with your client, and book the gig all in one place. This not only makes it easy for you to manage your gigs but also gives your clients a convenient and secure way to book you for their event.

Any discounts for Amava Members?

Yes! How’s 50% off sound? Use the code AMAVA50.

What does GigSalad do to advertise the website and the vendors listed?

A great source of traffic to GigSalad is through search engines, and they appear at the top of many Google, Yahoo, and Bing searches related to entertainment booking. They are constantly refining GigSalad to ensure the cleanest and easiest website for search engines to crawl and index. GigSalad also does a lot of online and print advertising, trade shows/conferences, partnerships with notable companies and event sponsorship.

Can I advertise on GigSalad?

Aside from creating a PromoKit to advertise your act or service, GigSalad does not sell any other ad space. Purchasing a paid membership or buying additional locations is the best way to increase your visibility on GigSalad.

Is it worth it? Will I get gigs?

If you put in the effort to create a great PromoKit and follow up with your leads promptly & professionally, the chances of being successful on GigSalad are great.

Special Requirements: ​​​​Just follow the directions when you put up a listing.

Setting it Up: If GigSalad sounds like your kind of gig, learn more and grab 50% off the subscription fee with the code AMAVA50.