Flexibility: Medium (Season runs October through May)

Social Engagement: High

What’s What: Want to help Sea Turtles and experience some Mexican culture? Volunteering for Sea Turtles in Todos Santos is the Eco Adventure of a lifetime!

Amava Take: Work hands-on in the Baja for between 4-10 hours per day tracking, collecting and relocating Sea Turtles. Help with population recovery and participate in marine life research. Volunteers are trained in collecting data on nesting sea turtles, nest relocation, incubation greenhouse operation, nest excavation, and hatchling releases. When your shift ends, kick back and explore the local town on your own.  Accommodations have wifi and a shared kitchen for communal meals.

From the Front Lines:

What kinds of candidates are you looking for to fill these jobs?

People with a passion for nature, a sense of adventure, and the stamina to spend some hours on the beach day or night helping turtles.

Any tips for first-timers to make it a productive and fulfilling experience?

Spanish speaking helps but isn’t necessary. Check out the website and book any side tours in advance.  

What’s a typical day like?

Daytime duties include: Incubation supervision, recording greenhouse temperatures, caring for hatchlings, nest excavation and hatchling releases. There are many ongoing volunteer activities that take place throughout the year and they are open to you receive your ideas. You may work as little as four hours each day, or up to 10 hours if you desire. You can also take days off to relax and explore Todos Santos on your own.  

From the Trenches:  

What’s the most satisfying part of the job?

Hanging out with baby turtles.

How would you describe the hard parts?

Working on the beach with a red filtered flashlight in the middle of the night.  

What’s the most memorable experience you had?

Driving an ATV up and down the beach looking for nests in the middle of the night. That’s a unique experience!

Special Requirements: Willingness to work without insect repellent or perfumes as they may harm turtles.

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Finding a Position:Check here for sea turtle volunteer information in Mexico. You can also help sea turtles in Florida or work with the Sea Turtle Conservancy in Costa Rica.