Flexibility: High 

Social Engagement: High

What’s What: Wag! created on-demand dog walking in 2015 and is now available in 43 States and 110 cities. If you need flexibility and instant access to experienced and trustworthy dog walkers, boarders, and sitters in you community, you need Wag! And Amava has you covered with a great deal. Every walker and sitter has passed a thorough vetting process before being approved to work on the platform. Wag! donates a portion of walk proceeds to the Rescue Bank and, through this program, has provided meals to more than 5 million shelter dogs in the United States. How cool is that?

Amava Take: You’ve got a lot to do! And we’re all for you bringing your furry friend with you whenever possible. But for those times when it isn’t, save money with Wag! Get out there and Discover Your Next while taking advantage of this amazing deal: 1 free walk and 15% off all services

From the Front Lines:

Does Wag carefully vet walkers and dog care givers?

Yes, indeed. It’s a rigorous process and not everyone makes the cut!

Will I be contacted in real-time?

Yup! You can see the walk route and you’ll get a photo of your best friend having fun.

Does Wag have other services other than walking?

Yes, Wag features boarding as well. 

From the Trenches:  

Can you set up walks remotely and on-the-fly if you need to?

Yes! On-Demand or ASAP walks are best if you would like your walker to arrive within the hour. You’ll be notified once you match with an available walker and they are on their way. Most walks are usually filled within 30 minutes, but during peak times, such as holidays and during inclement weather, it can take longer.

What if I want someone to come at regularly scheduled times?

You can set up a recurring schedule on a weekly or daily basis. There are two options: Friendly Fur Ball or Picky Pooch. Friendly Fur Ball is good for dogs who love meeting and spending time with different people. Picky Pooch schedules the same walker for all your walks in your recurring walk schedule. It’s best for dogs who are more particular about who they walk with (like mine). It’s a little more expensive, but what am I gonna do, I love my dog!

How was customer service?

Excellent! I loved the live GPS tracking, bathroom updates, and report card!

Special Requirements: Just be an Amava Member who loves you dog. How easy is that?

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