What’s What:
You have everything you need to create and implement effective, lasting organizational systems, whether you know it or not.
Amava Take:
Do any of these common myths about creatives sound familiar to you? "Creatives are inherently disorganized. They’ll never get a handle on their workload. They lack the ability to create solid systems for getting things done." These false ideas keep so many creatives from even trying to seek better workflows and organization systems and ultimately bar people from doing better work. Not only that, believing these negative perceptions leave so many feeling stressed, scattered and unable to fully capitalize on their artistic strengths. It’s time to shatter these myths and learn to create the systems you need to to your best work as a creative. Fine artist, illustrator and author Lisa Congdon has worked with over 75 clients around the world including MoMA, REI Co-op, Harvard University, Martha Stewart Living, Chronicle Books, and Random House Publishing. In this class she will teach you how to establish effective workflows and time management strategies that will streamline your processes and maximize creative work time.
Learning Method:
Instructor-Led. Online.
Over 2.5 class hours.
Exclusive bonus content included. The Amava Learns Team will guide you to the best available price for this class, as sales are frequent.
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