What’s What:
As the population in the United States ages, there are many opportunities to learn how to work with seniors in multiple settings in a way that supports quality care and quality of life.
Amava Take:
This certificate is designed for individuals who are working in the health care field, interested in the topic, working with the aging population or who wish to prepare for careers in aging services or gerontology. Topics include nutrition and healthy aging, the healthy aging brain, physical activity and healthy aging, the role of intimacy and sexuality on healthy aging, keys to longevity in the centenarian population, and important behavioral and mental health issues in the aging adult.
Learning Method:
Instructor-Led. Self-Paced. Online.
You can choose to take this class either instructor-led over a period of 6 weeks or self-paced over a period of 3 months. 10 class hours.
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