Flexibility: High

Social Engagement: High

What’s What: Do you love immersive travel? Want to save money for food, flights and such? Have a home in a place that might be interesting to others? Home swapping might be great for you!

Amava Take: Exchanging homes with people who want to visit where you live while you visit a home elsewhere isn’t a new idea, but technology has made it easier and much more common. There are exchanges online that make finding what you’re looking for pretty simple. Save your money, experience a homey environment, shop and cook like a local and get to know the neighbors and the people you swap with. You’d be amazed the places you can go!

From the Front Lines:

What kinds of candidates are you looking for to fill these positions?

People with convenient homes, a friendly attitude and great communication skills.

Any tips for first-timers to make it a productive and fulfilling experience?

Treat your guests like family and they may just do the same.

What’s a typical daily schedule like?

You and your hosts make all the arrangements.

From the Trenches:  

What’s the most satisfying part of the job/experience?

It’s great to welcome people to my home and equally cool to go different places and see how real people live.

How would you describe the hard parts?

Every house has its quirks!

What surprised you the most about the experience?

How much time swappers spend making sure their guests are comfortable and well-informed about the area.

Special Requirements: It is worth spending some time reading up on house swapping to make sure that you’re working with a reputable exchange service. You also want to be mindful and respectful of neighbors and the community you visit. Check out some pros and cons of house swapping so you approach the experience informed.

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Finding a Position: There are quite a number of home sharing websites for you to check into. Here’s one that is particularly well-known and here’s another.