Flexibility: High 

Social Engagement: Medium

What’s What: Are you good with communication and social media? You can lend your talents to an organization that is doing something wonderful and necessary as a social media ambassador for GoldenTALK.

Amava Take: Covid-19 has separated many from their loved ones. People over 60 have been particularly affected. Enter GoldenTALK, a senior chat and crisis line. The chat line helps people facing social isolation through warm conversations and referrals when needed — things like helping with resources for food, rent and more. Concerned family members can also request wellness calls for their loved ones. How amazing is that? If you aren’t convinced yet, read this!

Question and Answers:

What do I do as a social media ambassador for GoldenTALK?

GoldenTALK needs social media ambassadors to assist with spreading the word through their own social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and more. 

Why are social media ambassadors needed?

GoldenTALK wants to help more people that are out there alone. As a volunteer-based organization they rely on ambassadors who are compassionate about the well-being of seniors to help spread their message.

Will they provide messaging and images?

Yes. They will support volunteer social media ambassadors. 

Special Requirements: A phone or computer, internet access and a go-getter’s desire to help.

Setting it Up: Send us an email at member-services@amava.com and we’ll connect you.