Flexibility: Low

Social Engagement: High

What’s What: Have you ever wanted to buy a vowel, guess the retail price, or answer in the form of a question? New and established game shows are always looking for contestants. Even if you don’t win big money or fabulous prizes, the experience itself will be something you’ll remember forever.

Amava Take: Participating in a game show can be a lot of fun and has the potential to reap big rewards, but landing one can be tricky. Some game shows have ongoing casting, while others search only during specific time periods. If you’re patient and willing to try for lots of shows, you could be one of the lucky few to yell “I’m ready to solve the puzzle, Pat.”

From the Front Lines:

What kinds of contestants are they looking for?

Appearing fun, outgoing and enthusiastic are a must for most shows.

What’s a typical application process like?

Most shows start with an application form, followed by a written test. People who do well on the test move on to multiple rounds of interviews.

Any tips for first-timers to make it a productive and fulfilling experience?

Watch as many episodes of the show beforehand as possible.

From the Trenches:

What’s the most satisfying part of the experience?

Being part of a television set and seeing how everything worked behind the scenes was very cool. It’s so different than how it looks on television.

How would you describe the hard parts?

It’s scary on stage under those lights!

Special Requirements: Generally you must be over 21 and a legal resident of the United States. Often you cannot have appeared on another game show within a specific time period. Beyond that there are few requirements for most shows.

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Finding a Position: Every show is different. For some, like Ellen’s Game of Games, you need to submit an audition video. For others, like Jeopardy, the first step is to pass a difficult online trivia test. This article from TV Insider offers tips for landing a spot on some of the bigger shows. This casting call site lists the audition rules of various game shows. This Reader’s Digest article also offers some pointers.