Flexibility: Medium

Social Engagement: High

What’s What: Want to be your own boss and sell something you believe in? That’s exactly what drives people to look at owning a Matco Tools franchise.

Amava Take: Did you know that there are an estimated 254 million registered passenger vehicles in the US according to a recent DOT survey? Add to that 9 million commercial trucks, and millions of small engines, marine crafts, aircrafts, and other machinery and you just begin to get a sense of the franchise opportunities for Matco Tools. Every vehicle needs maintenance and repair and that is where Matco Tools franchisees come in. Matco Tools is the fastest growing automotive tool franchise providing professional tools, equipment, and storage for technicians that work in independent repair shops, dealerships, small engine repair, farm and industrial service, marine, motorsports, and even aviation. With over 60 years of national brand experience, Matco provides franchisees with the tools to build their future while they provide the highest quality professional tools and service that technicians trust. From financing start up, to delivering quality products and outstanding customer service, Matco is committed to enabling every franchisee to realize the dream of successful business ownership. Want to get rolling?

From the Front Lines:

Why does a mobile business like a Matco tool truck make sense?

Lower start-up costs, no need for a big group of employees, flexible work hours, more exposure through built-in free advertising as the truck makes its way around the territory, stronger customer relationships because trust is built  when you call on your customers and higher sales–you go to straight to customers who need quality tools and know the brand.

How is Matco different from other mobile tools business?

Franchisees can get up to 100% of your start-up costs covered through Matco’s in-house financing program. Matco provides more training than any other mobile tool franchise in the industry with over 70 hours of classroom training. Matco Tools is ranked as a Top 5 Home-Based Franchise by Entrepreneur Magazine. Franchisees receive marketing, branding and advertising materials needed to continuously grow the business at no cost and a territory with potential customers that are waiting to get connected.

What’s a typical initial investment?

From $93,420 – $272,690.

What makes a successful Matco owner?

A positive attitude, social skills and an interest in learning.

Do Veterans receive any incentives?

Yes! Matco Tools provides exclusive franchise opportunities for veterans with up to $10,000* for veterans to start their own franchise. As of today, Matco has provided over $4.3 million in credits to help support over 430 U.S. veterans.

From the Trenches:  

How are my customers identified?

Matco Tools provides new franchise owners with a specific territory to cover and a list of at least 325 potential customers that they can call on in that area (there’s also an opportunity called the “225” which is a smaller investment with 225 customers). Each territory is identified by the District Business Manager through surveys and customer interviews.

Will I be competing with other Matco Tools Franchisees?

No. Each Matco Tools Franchise has their own territory and Call List so you never have to worry about overlapping or competing with other mobile franchise owners.

Approximately how many miles is each territory?

That can vary from franchise to franchise. If your territory is located in the city, you may cover fewer miles as opposed to a franchise owner whose territory is located in a more rural area.

Will I receive training?

Yes! There is about 90 hours of programming, split between initial training and additional training after 6 months’ experience. Matco also provides 80 additional hours of on-the-job training, regular training events at district meetings and training at the annual Matco Tools Expo.

Special Requirements: Franchisees should have a minimum net worth of $25,000 and liquid assets of between $23,200 – $35,000. Automotive and sales experience are not required.

Setting it Up: Ready to step on the gas? Do it here!