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What’s What: Are you looking for some income while you do something necessary and helpful in your community? Brookdale Senior Living needs people to deliver meals to resident apartments all over the country. 

Amava Take: Brookdale Senior Living is committed to making lives better. They understand that happiness and safety of those they serve is dependent on the happiness and safety of their associates. They provide competitive compensation and high-standard safety protocols. At Brookdale, you can find purpose, meaning, and the chance to be a part of something bigger than yourself. To ensure the safety of residents, they’ve suspended communal dining in most of their facilities and are hiring room service attendants to deliver meals. If you’re looking for a way to earn some money and do something essential and important in these challenging times, this could be a fit for you.

From the Front Lines: 

What kinds of candidates are you looking for to fill these positions? 

Ideal candidates for a room service position have at least one year of experience working in hospitality, especially as a server, host or busser. Applicants with other customer service experience, such as in retail, acute care and senior living also are considered good candidates.

What do room service attendants do?

Room service attendants in senior living communities of all sizes deliver food, drinks, silverware and condiments to resident rooms to fulfill resident orders. Attendants may check back later to ensure the resident was satisfied with their meal. Depending upon the size of the community, room service attendants also may be responsible for taking resident orders by phone. The attendant must be familiar with the daily menu to answer any resident questions, such as those concerning food allergies, portion sizes, delivery time and special requests. When they are not delivering items to resident rooms, room service attendants may be responsible for stocking supplies for future orders as well as maintaining food safety and sanitation standards. Room service attendants may perform additional tasks as assigned.

What are the safety protocols?

Brookdale Senior Living facilities are well-equipped for safety. They have the highest precautions and clinical protocols in place. Visitors are currently restricted or prohibited and social distancing is strictly observed. Here’s more information about Brookdale’s response to Covid-19.

From the Trenches:  

What’s the most satisfying part of the job/experience?

Helping ensure that seniors are well-fed and cared for and that their days are brightened with kindness despite the physical distance.

What skills are important in this role?

Room service attendants must have excellent people skills in order to communicate politely and professionally with residents and determine whether residents have everything they need with their food and beverage order. They must pay attention to detail in order to deliver precisely what the resident has ordered. Attendants must take pride in their personal appearance and maintain the established uniform of the dining department. 

Special Requirements: Room service attendants must be capable of standing or walking for long periods of time and be able to push heavy carts.

Finding a Position: Brookdale Senior Living is ready to receive applications.