Flexibility: High

Social Engagement: Medium

What’s What: Do you have a private yard or piece of land where you’d welcome dogs with responsible owners to play and sniff? There’s an app for that! 

Amava Take: Some dogs are people dogs, but they may not do well at public dog parks. Some dogs are city dogs and they may not have many play-space choices. If you’ve got a private yard or piece of land, you can provide those pups with a place to roam. That’s right, you can get paid to help dogs and it’s not super hard work! Sniffspot is the world’s largest network of yard sharing for dogs. Sniffspot makes it easy to meet and have fun with dogs or even let them have fun on your property when you’re not around (once you know them!). You can make some money, supplement your own pet sitting or dog walking business if you have one and list your property for free. 

From the Front Lines:

How does Sniffspot work?

It’s easy! You create a free listing (that you can take down at any time). Messages and reservations from dog owners come in via email and text. Nice people and dogs use your yard or land (feel free to hang out with them!). You get paid up front by direct deposit – Sniffspot takes care of that.

How are fees set?

Owners set their own fees. Some hosts are making a $1000 a month and there are no sign up fees.

What does Sniffspot do to ensure safe and positive transactions?

A lot! All guests must register on the Sniffspot site. They add a credit card and are vetted by Sniffspot. The app includes secure payments, app-based messaging and verified reviews. All Sniffspot guests sign a waiver, verify current vaccinations and flea/parasite preventions and Sniffspot provides $1M of insurance to hosts with each booking. 

From the Trenches:  

Any incentives for Amava Members to be Sniffspot hosts?

Sniffspot will give a new Amava host a one-time $15 additional fee on first booking. The $15 will automatically be deposited when first booking is complete. Just use the code Amava15 when you sign up.

Where does Sniffspot operate?

All over the US and internationally.

What do you like about being a Sniffspot host?

It gives me a way to share my space with people and dogs who need it. I get to meet super-responsible owners and their dogs.

Special Requirements:  Post photos and describe your space accurately.  Be friendly to people and dogs. That’s it! 

Setting it Up:  Sniffspot is ready to hear from Amava Members who want to be hosts.