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What’s What: Travel publications will need new writers, so why not you? Learn the ropes now!

Amava Take: Great Escape Publishing produces home-study programs and runs live workshops that help people get paid to travel – in this case through travel writing. With their Ultimate Travel Writer’s Program available at a deep discount to Amava Members, you can learn insider tips and tricks to get yourself situated as a travel writer. 

From the Front Lines:

How would you describe the Great Escape Ultimate Travel Writer’s Program?

The Ultimate Travel Writer’s Program is a complete, stand-alone guide to the travel writing industry. The course presents a comprehensive, structured approach to the travel industry that is available nowhere else. 

Who pays travel writers?

Editors, for starters. But also hotels, resorts, and other attractions around the world that need ambassadors to visit their vacation spots and spread the word.

Are there any connections to relevant publications?    

Yes. A lot of the members interested in travel writing get their feet wet by getting articles and photos published in International Living Magazine. There are no publication guarantees, but the creator of the Ultimate Travel Writer’s Program, Jennifer Stevens, happens to be the Executive Editor at International Living Magazine. She and others there know that if you’ve gone through the program, you’re already ahead of the average travel writer. International Living Magazine publishes resources on traveling, living, retiring and investing overseas.                                                 

From the Trenches:  

What’s in the Ultimate Travel Writer’s Program?  

The Ultimate Travel Writer’s Program includes things like sample e-mails you can copy, a list of trends and articles that are selling best, travel article templates you can follow and lots more.

What does it cost and are there any discounts or satisfaction guarantees? 

Amava Members can purchase the Ultimate Travel Writer’s Program for $165, with a money back guarantee. Later updates and upgrades are not included in the promotional price.

What’s the best thing about the course?    

You can start trying things out and earn while you learn! Also, you decide where you want to go and what you might write about and then you pitch your story ideas to publications either interested in your topic or interested in your destination. 

Special Requirements: No experience necessary. If you like the idea of getting paid to travel in a way you simply can’t as a tourist, that’s the main thing.

Setting it Up: Great Escape Publishing is ready to help you get started