Flexibility: High

Social Engagement: High

What’s What: Do you have experience teaching or training others? If so, you know that it requires a special blend of communication skills. What if you could use them in a flexible, remote way to help people master tools that they need for their careers? You can.

Amava Take: Getsetup knows that people with teaching experience are experts at communicating complex concepts. That’s why they train educators to become at-home onboarding guides for their clients, companies that sell software as a service. Onboarding guides help employees of companies who have purchased the software get up-to-speed on features and use. Software customers are looking for the fastest way to get value out of products and skilled communicators who are real people are the key.

From the Front Lines:

How does Getsetup work?

We train our guides to deliver personalized, white-glove onboarding. Our guides are educators not sales people. They do live video onboarding. Calls are not “scripts,”  they are tailored to customer needs.

What software companies does Getsetup do onboarding for?

Companies like QuickBooks, Salesforce and Hubspot. 

Does it work?

Yes! The human connection increases customer loyalty and retention for the software companies.

From the Trenches:  

Does it cost anything to get trained? 

Nope! Training is free to all Amava Members (even if they don’t decide to become Onboarding Guides).

How flexible is the work?

Extremely flexible. Guides can work as little as two hours a week.

Is the pay reasonable? 

Yes! $20-30 an hour with no commute. Ever.

Special Requirements: Getsetup prefers guides who have teaching or training experience.

Setting it Up:  Get set up with Getsetup.