Flexibility: Medium

Social Engagement: High

What’s What: ​Are you interested in a career as a Home Care Provider? If you work with Homebridge, you can help carry out their mission of providing high-quality home care and supportive services to people who need it in San Francisco County, CA, enabling them to live safely and independently in their homes and communities. 

Amava Take: Homebridge is a non-profit caregiver organization leading the way in modern in-home care using mobile app-based scheduling and communication. They are known for investing in their caregivers and supporting their clients with complex health, behavior, and social needs in overcoming barriers to accessing quality in-home care. Homebridge’s innovative, client-centered model of care consists of continually trained small care teams that assist and support clients in achieving their individualized goals. Homebridge operates in San Francisco County, California.

From the Front Lines:    

What is an HCP (Caregiver)? What do they do?

At Homebridge, the official title for caregivers is Home Care Providers (HCPs). Caregivers are direct service professional who provides care to community members in their homes. Caregivers at Homebridge are also advocates, and one of the most important members of the Homebridge family. Caregivers perform four main types of services: personal care, domestic care, paramedical and specialized care services, and accompaniment and transportation. 

What kind of hours are available?

Caregivers can set their own hours. There are full and part-time schedules.

Where are Homebridge clients?

San Francisco County, CA. 

From the Trenches:  

How is the pay and benefits?

Positions start at $17.59 per hour with the ability to earn more after four months. Homebridge also actively promotes high performers to supervisor/management positions. Homebridge offers fully paid health care, dental, vision, and retirement covered along with paid vacation and sick leave.

I have already completed a LiveScan and I have done a TB test and been trained in CPR. Do I have to repeat these?

For the LiveScan, yes. However, Homebridge covers the cost and includes it in the training schedule. If you have negative test results from a TB test dated within the past year (365 days) you do not need to complete the test again. However, if your results have been misplaced, are older than a year, or (in some cases) are not able to clear you for the field, you may be asked to complete another one. In the event that you need to complete a TB test, Homebridge will cover the cost and schedule it as part of your training. If your CPR/First Aid Certification is valid, you do not need to get recertified. However, Homebridge includes CPR/First Aid certification as part of their paid New Hire Training. All new employees are encouraged to participate in the paid training and renew their CPR/First Aid certifications and skills.

I have my CNA. Do I need to complete the training?

Yes. As part of our contractual obligations with the City and County of San Francisco, all new Caregivers with Homebridge are required to complete a basic caregiver training. Training will provide you an opportunity to refresh your skills, get to know your co-workers, and understand the Homebridge approach to caregiving. And it’s a paid training!

Special Requirements: Homebridge’s new-hire two-week training program follows a full-time schedule in San Francisco. If you are unable to train full-time, please contact them.

Setting it Up: To learn more and sign up, visit Homebridge on their site.