Flexibility: High

Social Engagement: Medium

What’s What: Looking for a better way to achieve work-life balance? Check out the NexRep Marketplace for top-flight, no commute opportunities to build your own business.

Amava Take: NexRep believes in caring, innovating, and solving problems. They also stand behind living life to the fullest. That’s why they created the NexRep Marketplace – to give people the opportunity to represent brands they can be proud of, without sacrificing everything else they love. If you’re ready to work from home when you want, earn what you need and set your own schedule, read on. NexRep clients include organizations in the following industries: food (including a leading American grocery delivery company), fashion, music, automotive, electronics, health, travel, hospitality, education, nonprofit and more. Supported channels include phone, chat, email, text and social. Next? NexRep!

From the Front Lines: 

What kinds of candidates are you looking for to fill these positions? 

Self-starters who genuinely care about helping others solve problems. 

How does NexRep leverage technology to create human-focused solutions?

NexRep uses an AI-driven online assessment tool to help match people with experiences they’ll be happy with. Their state-of-the-art virtual certification environment leads to high-touch, highly interactive and engaging certification experiences that consistently help contractors feel prepared and confident to start interacting with customers. NexRep also leverages proprietary process and reporting platforms to ensure people have access to the data and resources they want, including a fully flexible self-scheduling platform, giving contractors the ability to set their own schedules by 30-minute increments.

What distinguishes the NexRep experience for contractors?

NexRep includes human interaction in their sourcing process. Prior to contracting with NexRep, everyone has a live conversation with a Marketplace Coordinator. The conversation includes a discussion of the opportunities available and the contractor’s skills and interests, with the goal of finding the best possible match. The conversation also gives contractors an opportunity to ask questions and align on next steps. These one-on-one experiences help establish an important human connection right from the start.

Is there any available data about the contractor experience?

Yep, here it is:  

-93% of agents believe NexRep provides opportunities that are among the best in the industry.

-98% of agents are content to be working from home.

-95% of agents are content with the types of customer interactions they have.

-91% of agents are content with the client they’re supporting.

From the Trenches:  

What’s the most satisfying part of the NexRep Marketplace experience?

No one tells me when to work or how much to work. I have a lot of control over how much I earn.

What is the best way to succeed with NexRep?

Take full advantage of the unique certification process. Certification is in a virtual environment and typically lasts for one week. You’ll be interacting with the instructor, as well as your fellow Marketplace Contractors. Certification is a critical part of ensuring success. This excellent educational opportunity is available to you free of charge. Each contractor is certified on client-specific policies and procedures and most contractors (94%) who complete client certification with NexRep would recommend their certification experience to friends and relatives.

What surprised you the most about working from home through NexRep?

I have the flexibility to choose how much or how little time I put in and can set things up myself. At the same time, I’m not on my own. NexRep’s team of Marketplace Resource Specialists is available to me for live, one-on-one support. I can ask questions and get guidance as little or as often as I want to. Even though I work from home, it is a very human experience.

Special Requirements: A noise-cancelling headset, a desktop or laptop computer with a high-speed internet and a quiet place to work are the tools you will need to get started. You must complete the free, comprehensive, live instructor-led certification. To work through NexRep you also need to pass a background check, which has a $25 fee. At this time, NexRep works with agents in 42 states (all except for AR, CA, IL, NJ, NY, OR, RI, and WA) and Washington, D.C. as well.

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