Flexibility: High 

Social Engagement: High

What’s What: Have you spent some time volunteering in your local schools? If so, you know it takes a village to raise funds and organize programs for students in your community. Do you want to work flexibly and be part of a company that creates solutions for organizations that are trying to support local educational efforts? Well, then, you should meet the folks at MemberHub, see about some flexible work as a Sales Representative and help connect local business sponsors to schools. Everybody wins.

Amava Take: MemberHub develops software, but not just any software. The founders are parents of school-age children, and they understand the profound need for greater levels of funding for schools, the arts and extracurriculars, all activities that improve outcomes and develop children into well-rounded young adults. As the largest, fastest-growing cloud software platform powering nonprofit parent-teacher groups, MemberHub is moving fast to support communities and close funding gaps to benefit children across the country. Their work connecting businesses to schools to sponsor communications is a fabulous program that benefits the schools and local businesses. If you know or are willing to get to know the stakeholders, you could be a MemberHub Sales Representative and make some money connecting good people on all sides to benefit students in your community.

From the Front Lines:

How does MemberHub work?

It’s all the tools parent-teacher group leaders need to get the job done, connected to a secure, private contact list. The key for business sponsors is MemberHub email tools.

What is the MemberHub Marketplace?

The Marketplace is a cause-marketing solution designed for everyone to win: PTAs, parents, and local businesses. Businesses sponsors make a significant impact on local schools’ ability to fund programs. Businesses are recognized as key sponsors and parents will see that the businesses give back to their children.

What do Sales Representatives say to local businesses?

Joining the MemberHub Marketplace enables your businesses to meet advertising, marketing and sales goals, while making a significant impact on your community. It’s a pretty simple value proposition!

From the Trenches:  

What do you find local businesses like about MemberHub? 

Parents are engaged and paying close attention to the messaging. K-12 parent group emails get 60%+ open rates – which are extremely high. 

Is selling MemberHub to local businesses difficult?

Nope! When a brand and promotions are featured on K-12 parent group emails, it’s one-of-a-kind access that affordably generates high-value prospects – straight from the local & regional K-12 parent community. With data insights, businesses know exactly how many impressions, new leads, and sales are happening.

Special Requirements: MemberHub is looking for Sales Representatives who know the market and can help sell business sponsorships. Long-standing members of their communities tend to be very effective.

Setting it Up: To get started, get over to MemberHub and start a conversation about becoming a Sales Representative in your community.