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Flexible Jobs

Find work that fits your goals.

Flexible Job
Wilderness Guide
As more people actively consider the delicate balance involved in keeping our planet healthy and habitable, it’s only...
Flexible Job
You know you love that smell. And it’s kinda fun to see who orders what. Plus, there’s an art to making a perfect...
Flexible Job
Community Art School Teacher
What better way to share your knowledge and love of artistic creation than by passing along some tools and tips of the...
Flexible Job
Tax Preparer
Some things are inevitable. Tax laws change often and at best filing one’s taxes is a complex chore, but it has to be...
Flexible Job
Tasting Host
There are winemakers all over the country. If you’ve tried any of the tasting circuits, you know that each winemaker...
Flexible Job
Interior Designer
If you love project-based team efforts, design, color, fabrics, textures and furniture, you might consider a career as...
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Volunteer Gigs

Give back with purpose.

Volunteer Gig
Foster Grandparent
Whether you want to help kids read, work with at-risk youth, infants, young mothers or kids who have suffered abuse or...
Volunteer Gig
Animal Shelter
Volunteers help animal shelters run smoothly, manage intake and adoptions, and make the animals happier and more...
Volunteer Gig
Feed the Hungry
If you’re lucky, nobody in your family has struggled with poverty, hunger or homelessness, but millions have. Though...
Volunteer Gig
Hospice organizations throughout the country do essential work for ailing people and their families when they need it...
Volunteer Gig
Youth Coach
 Have you still “got game?” Then get out your old cleats, racket, or glove and help kids learn your favorite sport....
Volunteer Gig
Adult Literacy
It’s hard to believe that there are an estimated 32 million adults that can’t read in the United States. Adults...
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Unique Experiences

Your bucket list is calling.

Unique Experience
Keep Moving All Over the World
Are you looking for active ways to round out that bucket list? Road Scholar has unique options for you to keep moving...
Unique Experience
The Best of Bhutan
Boundless Journeys is an award-winning travel company with particular expertise in guiding people through beautiful,...
Unique Experience
If you’re a hiker anyway, have you ever thought about how much lighter your pack would be if you had the confidence...
Unique Experience
Test Drive a Tiny House
There is a lot to love about these miniature homes, from the cutesy details and storage features to the low cost and...
Unique Experience
National Park Reenactor
Want something out of the ordinary? Get your actor on and become a period player at your favorite historical National...
Unique Experience
Travel Grants for Family Caregivers
Road Scholar’s Caregiver Grants provide financial assistance to enable family caregivers age 50 and older to...
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