Live Interaction = Deeper Engagement

The simple, compelling way to provide live, interactive experiences for your customers.

A Complete Solution

Enable your staff to lead classes through Amava. Or choose from a variety of Amava classes to offer to your customers. You can also hire Amava instructors to lead your classes.

Powerful & Cost Effective

Offer all of your classes for one low monthly fee. Instructors teach, we handle everything else!

Your Own Private Classrooms

You’ll get private branded webpages and secure virtual classrooms so your customers interact in a safe environment with no ads.

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It's Easy To Get Started

Host your classes on our platform

Amava can help you host classes or trainings with less headaches. Spend less time on administration and more time engaging with customers or other team members. We provide your instructors with the resources they need to be successful.

Offer our classes to your customers

Choose from a growing array of classes led by passionate instructors on topics your customers will love! Simply select the classes you want and we handle the rest.

Hire instructors to lead private classes

Have a class in mind and need a trained instructor? Many of our highly trained instructors are available to lead private classes for your customers.

For you:

The best way to run classes or trainings

  • Quick class setup
  • World class customer support (for instructors and students)
  • Co-branded landing page for your classes
  • No technical integration
  • Easy scheduling and enrollment process
  • Pre-session reminders and online countdown to classes
  • Customizable post-class surveys
  • Detailed reporting on enrollments, attendance, etc.

Happier customers and employees

  • Live classes increase customer satisfaction and engagement
  • Small groups encourage learning and connection
  • Interactive programs support well-being

For your customers:

A warm, inviting experience:

  • User-friendly, one-click class entry
  • Unique classroom environment
  • Easy enrollment process
  • Pre-class reminders
  • Access from anywhere
  • Customer service support (phone, email and chat support)

Safety and privacy:

  • No ads ever on the Amava platform
  • No “zoom bombing” or uninvited participants
  • No separate programs to download
  • Control over personal information

Deeper engagement:

  • Connection with their instructor and other participants
  • Real-time feedback
  • Fun way to learn

Amava can help any organization benefit from live engagement

Healthcare Organizations

Increase retention and member satisfaction through live interactive classes that support well-being.

Financial Services

Build client loyalty by educating and engaging your clients on topics relevant to their stage of life.

Charitable Organizations

Get the word out about your mission, recruit volunteers, and build loyalty and increase donations by leading classes, volunteer training or support groups through Amava.

Other Businesses

Differentiate your company through engaging classes that educate and engage your customers and employees. Support employees in learning new skills and connecting with each other to foster higher job satisfaction.