Amava Teams Up With Blue Cross & Blue Shield Of Rhode Island To Promote Safe Volunteering and Keep Members Socially Connected

Press Release: October 13, 2020

Menlo Park, California – Amava, Inc., the leading platform connecting a new generation of empty nesters and active retirees with opportunities to stay vital and socially connected throughout their lives, today announced  a new program to safely help Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island (BCBSRI) members stay active and socially engaged. At the heart of the program is volunteering, bringing members safe and meaningful opportunities to volunteer with leading local charitable organizations and virtual opportunities with national organizations during the pandemic and beyond.

BCBSRI members have access to opportunities such as being a Big Brother/Big Sister, helping the American Red Cross during hurricane season, supporting American Red Cross biomedical staff virtually, mentoring in the new normal, making blankets for shelter pets and more. In addition, the program includes engaging opportunities for connecting with new people, continuing education, mentorship, teaching and pursuing hobbies.
“At Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island, we are committed to supporting the health and well-being of Rhode Islanders and we recognize the critical impact social isolation can have on someone’s health,” said Corey McCarty, Consumer Segment vice president at BCBSRI. “We chose to team up with Amava because they are dedicated to helping people stay active and socially engaged, which we know are proven keys to health and well-being.”

“We are honored to be working with BCBSRI to help BCBSRI members address the challenges that Covid-19 presents in terms of social engagement,” said Mark Silverman, CEO of Amava. “Staying involved and socially engaged in the current environment takes creativity, but the program we’ve put together for BCBSRI members offers a breadth of opportunities in different areas as well as the tools and support necessary for people to find the right socially engaging activities for them, whether they want to volunteer, learn, earn or just safely pursue their hobbies and interests.”

“Volunteering is a powerful way to make a positive impact on the health and well-being of our community and it supports the critical missions of nonprofit partners across our state,” said Carolyn Belisle, BCBSRI’s managing director of Corporate Social Responsibility. “We know that in addition to the difference service can make in the lives of recipients, it also benefits those performing the service; aiding the volunteers mentally and socially and providing an additional sense of purpose and connectedness.”

BCBSRI members can learn more by visiting


Amava is the first platform designed specifically to help a new generation of retirees and empty nesters stay active and connected throughout their lives, proven keys to health and longevity. In addition to the Amava Virtual Volunteers Program, Amava also recently launched Amava Circles, vibrant, guided discussions with others around topics of shared interest.