Amava Announces Partner Program with Select Organizations to Provide Amava Members with Opportunities to Earn, Learn, Give Back and More

Press Release: February 20, 2020

Launches the “Amava Inclusivity Initiative” to Align Members and Partners
San Mateo, California – Today, Amava, a platform connecting a new generation of retirees and empty nesters with flexible jobs, volunteer gigs and unique experiences, announces the official launch of the Amava Partner Program to bring Amava Members thousands of new, socially engaging opportunities to earn, learn, give back and more. 

Organizations struggle to reach Baby Boomers and Gen Xers because it’s expensive and they are unsure of best practices for messaging these audiences. Amava is the first to build a scaled platform designed specifically to bring together this demographic with organizations serving them. Amava is tackling this problem head on with a solution that aligns organizations with their customers, volunteers and employees. Leaders such as the American Heart Association, Global Volunteers, Road Scholar and Rover have joined the program to reach this large, rapidly growing group.

“We are thrilled by the interest and positive feedback of our Partners and our Members so far,” says Mark Silverman, CEO of Amava. “While news trends stoke intergenerational conflict, we see our Members and Partner organizations coming together to build multigenerational workplaces that value individuals not just as customers, but as contributors to the culture and success of their organizations.” 

As Stacie Fasola, Senior Director of Public and Media Relations at Road Scholar, a leading not-for-profit educational travel organization with over 5,500 programs, describes the partnership: “Amava Members’ interest and engagement with our learning adventures has exceeded our expectations. Amava Members are deeply engaged, and the Amava team is always responsive and Member-focused. We are excited to continue to work with Amava to bring our unique brand of learning experiences to Amava Members.” 

Amava Member Char Brooks recently took advantage of a newly listed volunteer Blogger position at the American Heart Association. Brooks says she “was excited to find out about a chance to blog for a national organization as respected as the American Heart Association through Amava. I really appreciated the personal attention and support that Amava provided in making sure I was able to connect with the opportunity.”

To ensure alignment among Members and Partners, Amava established its Inclusivity Initiative based on a simple premise that organizations that wish to do business with Amava Members should be equally open to considering them as employees and colleagues. Amava Partners are encouraged to make the following pledge:

“We recognize the value of all people. We pledge to foster a positive environment that supports an age-diverse workforce.”

Joining Amava’s Inclusivity Initiative is a no-brainer for organizations who want to reach this audience,” said Ruth Curran at Global Volunteers. “A generationally diverse workplace benefits everyone including employees, volunteers and those they serve.

Members appreciate that Amava Partners are committed to providing them with a positive experience irrespective of age or life stage. Partners, in turn, have access to a group of experienced, reliable workers and volunteers who comprise a large part of their customer bases. Amava Members are able to provide confidential feedback about their experiences with Amava Partners. This feedback is shared anonymously with Partners to reinforce positive hiring, employment and marketing practices. 

 Amava is connecting a new generation of retirees and empty-nesters with select socially engaging opportunities to earn, learn, give back and more. Under the banner of “Discover Your Next®,” Amava guides members towards flexible jobs, volunteer gigs, unique experiences and special offers designed specifically for people who are looking to maintain a balanced, healthy life. For potential partners, Amava is an optimal path to provide value to this growing group of highly skilled, educated and diverse adults.