One thing many people have in common is affection for their pets and other animals. From Old Yeller to Instagram, animals capture our imaginations along with our hearts. You can turn your passion into your purpose: earn, meet new friends and give back by folding your love of animals into your work.

There are plenty of options! Teachers are welcoming pets into classrooms, doctors prescribe pet companionship and therapy animals for patients of all ages and families need help caring for pets. At Amava, we’re featuring animal-friendly Spotlights to keep you running (or cuddling) with cats and dogs. Whistle while you work!



New and Interesting Animal-Friendly Opportunities

Care for animals when they need it most working as a Vet Assistant.

If you never want the dog days to be over, train to be a Dog Trainer.

Work in Cat and Dog Care and get paid for giving kibble, walks, scratches and cuddles.

If your heart is with abandoned and stray animals, clock some time as an Animal Shelter Volunteer.

As a Pet Therapy Volunteer, you can help patients receive support and love from dogs.

If you’re into birdwatching, be a Bird Recorder and contribute your avian observations to science.

Volunteer with Horses and help rehabilitate those who have been hurt or abandoned.

The world needs bees. Be a Beekeeper and find out what all the buzz is about.

For something different, Frolic with Giraffes.



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Inspiring Narratives from People Who Work With Animals

Be aware of what your place with animals looks like. If you had a day to spend how would you want to spend it? Birdwatching in the woods? Helping animals in a shelter? Ask yourself those kinds of questions.”  

Get to know Shelley Onderdonk, a veterinarian with a practice that focuses on equine acupuncture and sports medicine, who is also a writer, yoga instructor and land conservationist.

“I have learned that I have to work harder to meet people, but the ones I do meet are high quality. They are my kind of people because they love animals.”  

Learn how Kim Hunter went from working as a dental assistant to running her own animal care and training business.



On the Way Out…

Animals are such agreeable friends―they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms.”George Eliot