Whatever experiences you’ve had, you can use them to ignite your next steps. You can change your course, grow and reinvent when you decide you’re ready. It just takes the right mindset to build new horizons in your life or career. The skills you need most for any kind of reinvention are curiosity and adaptability. You’ve got ‘em!



Spotlights to Help You Make Your Way 


Showcase Your Talent as a performer or entertainer and pick up some paying gigs.


Get kids where they need to go and Be a CareDriver.


Speaking of driving, if you want to start something new, start your engine and try Race Car Driving!


Become a traveler and visit the most remote corners of the Earth. 


Make yourself into a maker and Get Crafty.



Exclusive Offers for Amava Members


Showcase Your Talent and save 50% listing your availability for gigs.


Amava Members who become CareDrivers are guaranteed to make $1000 in their first month if they complete 40 rides in 30 days. If earnings are lower, HopSkipDrive will pay the difference. 


Choose Flip-Flops or Fleece: Galapagos or Antarctic Adventure and save. Amava Members receive a $100 shipboard credit for Antarctica and Galapagos cruise bookings made by 12/31/2019 (one per booking). Click the link for other savings on specific trips. 



On the Way Out


“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”George Bernard Shaw