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Drum Roll, Please
Hey, Amavans! We’re gearing up for an exciting 2019 full of new horizons and we’re so glad you’re on board....
New Year, New Newsletter
Welcome back to the Amava Post Newsletter! Thanks for hanging out with us. It’s 2019 and we’re full of ideas to keep...
A Special Thanks to Caregivers
Today we pay homage to caregivers. Staggeringly enough, families in the U.S. provide about 80% of the long-term care...
Holiday Helpers
The holidays are a great time for reflection. For connecting with friends and family. For relaxing and thinking about...
Get Out in the World
Today, we have travel on our minds. Bucket list Item #1 among Amava Members (by far). An opportunity to explore our own...
Coffee Culture: What’s Brewing
Welcome back to the Amava Post. The intoxicating aroma of freshly brewed beans from some exotic place (fair trade of...
Millennials and Boomers
Whether or not the “gig” or “freelance” economy will forever change the way we work remains to be seen. There is...
Why Are We Obsessed With Your Fulfillment?
Welcome to the inaugural edition of the Amava Post--a cornerstone offering in our mission to ensure that you stay active...
Finding Common Ground
At a time when we are polarized by politics, Amava is creating a safe place where we can find common ground by focusing...
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